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Home Sanitiing Services in El Paso

Home Sanitizer

Home Sanitizer Services in El Paso


Our Response to Covid-19 and other harmful microbes

Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces is the first step the CDC recommends for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households. Providing a cleaner, safer and more healthy living environment has always been one biggest benefits Steamway provides for their customers. We offer a fog sanitizing service which eliminates harmful microbes such as bacteria, fungus, mold, and viruses including the human coronavirus.

How Can Steamway Help Sanitize Your Home?

****Fog Sanitizer****

🌿 We are now offering fog sanitizer for your home as an option in addition to your carpet, upholstery, air ducts, tile, and other cleaning services. Our Antimicrobial Disinfectant kills ON CONTACT and keeps working after it dries. The best part is – it is plant-based and completely safe for you, your children, and your pets! 🌿


⚠️ Note: Although we cannot guarantee you will not get sick from other places or sources, we can help you have peace of mind in your own home.


✅ Kills Over 99.99% of Germs


✅ Hospital Grade


✅ Botanical


✅ Virucidal


✅ Non-Toxic


☎️ Call us any time for pricing and availability!



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How Does Fog Sanitizer Work?

The antimicrobial solution is vaporized by an increase in temperature and is then condensed upon introduction to the atmospheric air. This process results in the generation of extremely small particles less than 0.5 microns, called a dry fog. The fog fills the room to contact pathogens in the air and surfaces to decontaminate and disinfect.

*Fog Sanitizers do not create a smoke or gas, therefore do not burn or volatilize the antimicrobial chemicals.


Recommendations to prepare for Fog Sanitizer in your home:

–      People and pets must be out of the home during, and at least 20 minutes after the fogging is completed. Please plan accordingly.

–      Businesses with sprinkler systems must shut off smoke detectors.

–      Cover fish tanks, clothes, and/or other valuables with sheets or plastic that you do not want fogged.

–      Make sure all exterior doors and windows are closed.

–      Open cabinet and closet doors you would like the fog to reach.

Although we do our absolute best to leave minimal residue, the fogging may cause left-over residue on surfaces that may need to be wiped down.


We advise you follow the counsel of the CDC. “Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces (for example: tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, faucets, sinks) with household cleaners and EPA-registered disinfectants that are appropriate for the surface, following label instructions.”

Also – specifically for carpet the CDC recommends. “For soft (porous) surfaces such as carpeted floor, rugs, and drapes, remove visible contamination if present and clean with appropriate cleaners indicated for use on these surfaces. After cleaning – use products with the EPA-approved emerging viral pathogen claims that are suitable for porous surfaces.”

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