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What Steam Cleaning Has Over Vacuuming 

Dirty floor and children's shoes. Concept of child soiled carpet.


Most families make it a thing to clean their homes a couple of times throughout a month. Doing the laundry and washing the dishes isn’t everybody’s idea of fun and much less is the idea of vacuuming all the carpet in your home. Unfortunate to say, using a vacuum to rid our carpets of dirt and dust lasts for only so long until we have to do it at an annoyingly repetitive rate. Why tire yourself out with a vacuum when you could give your home and yourself the gift of steam cleaning? We have everything you need to know to convert from vacuuming to steam cleaning. 


 High Absorbency

The technology of a steam cleaner functions in the most fascinating and satisfying way possible. The steam cleaner releases water and soap, deeply brushes it the liquid mix into the carpet and absorbs it back up to be able to contract all the dirt and residue lying within the carpet. Steam-cleaners are made for moisturizing and absorbing, therefore, they do not fail in being able to pick up all the dirt a vacuum can’t.



In the case that you may be wondering if steam cleaners are effective in preventing the spread of germs and neutralizing germs, we are here to confirm that. As the steam cleaner pulls dirt and rinses out dirty water, it also acts as a sanitization for your carpets. Parents may be wondering why their children get sick so easily and if germs may lie in their own homes. The interaction we have with our carpets is much more than we may anticipate, so it’s important that we keep our carpets clean for our sake of comfort.


Bug Repellent

Bugs: not many people are fond of them and we don’t expect you to either. It’s inevitable that bugs will find a way into your home, but steam cleaning is a method of killing the homes they create in your carpet. Where there is dust, there are dust mites bound to be living amongst your home. Because steam cleaning pulls up the heavy dust in your carpet, dust mites will go up with the dust and will also prevent others from repopulating.


Steamway Carpet Cleaning Strives to Maintain Cleanliness

Coming home to a clean home is a dream of everyone’s and we’re here to make that even more possible for you. Contact us today to get started on a process fruitful with deep cleaning!