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Welcome the New Year with Clean Floors!

a steam cleaner taking care of a dirty carpetThe New Year is a great time to start off fresh. New calendars, new attitudes and new ways of looking at the world around us. It’s also a great time to clean your home from the entrance to the guest bedroom. Why wait until Spring Cleaning when you can get it all over with at the start of the year? When you choose Steamway Carpet Cleaning as your team, you won’t even have to lift a single finger. Just let us clean your home’s flooring with our state-of-the-art steam services and you’ll be able to bask in the cleanest your home has ever been! But why is steam cleaning such a great option? Continue reading and we’ll explain.

The Safest Way to Clean Your Home

Unlike harsh cleaning chemicals, which can be harmful to the environment and your home’s residents, steam cleaning only makes use of natural cleaning supplies. Best of all, the results tend to replicate or even outdo those of traditional cleaning chemicals. Say you have family members who have asthma. They may face discomfort when entering your home if you used harsh chemicals to clean the floors. Even if no one in your family suffers from asthma, you can still notice a disquieting presence lingering after using those chemicals. Just because it smells harsh doesn’t mean it’s the best option, after all. Instead, you can make use of the cleanest and purest option—steam! Our steam cleaning services reach every nook and cranny. We will rid your kitchen floor of mold and mildew; your carpeted bedrooms will be as clean as can be, and your entire home will be fresh and cleansed!

Steam Can Rid Your Home of Microbes and Germs

Make sure your home is the cleanest it’s ever been in 2019 by choosing steam cleaning services from Steamway Carpet Cleaning! We’ve been in the steam cleaning business for many years so we can provide high quality service. Whether you only want your kitchen cleaned or you’re looking for an all-encompassing service, we can help. Give us a call for an estimate and we’ll get to work. You can also see the difference as the year goes on. Perhaps, once the spring season rolls around, you can steam clean your home once again! It’s the most natural way to keep your home clean and it works better than other, harsher options.