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How Does Water Extraction Help Your Carpet?

Having the carpet cleaned is a good practice to prevent allergies and sickness. Steamway Carpet Cleaning has qualified workers to perform water extraction on your carpet. This can help your carpet by reducing drying time, cleaning it, and minimizing damage after a minor flood.

Helps the Drying Process

When you get your carpets cleaned, it is fairly common to be told to stay off for at least twenty four hours. This is because the carpet is wet, and any contact with it can dirty it, or cause bacteria to form. Water extraction is a relatively new technique that is used to reduce the drying time. It works by having a vacuum like machine suck up any excess water. Excess water is left after a cleaning, as water is needed to clean the carpet. This is what requires the dry time. It is also the dangerous part of a cleaning, as bacteria can form in during the drying time. Removing this water helps reduce this risk. While there may still be water left over after the extraction, it will be a lot less than usual.

Moving In or Out

When you are getting ready to move in or out of a place, water extraction makes sure that the carpet is ready. Having your home or apartment cleaned is part of the moving process. A water extraction just makes sure that the carpet look, feel, and smell its best. As part of the carpet cleaning process, it helps remove any leftover dirt or debris. This means your carpet is getting a deep clean. Doing this helps it smell better, as it removes any lingering dirt. It will also look fluffy and new afterward.

Emergency Water Extraction

Professional carpet cleaners can extract water after you have had a minor flood. Depending on the type of flood, it can clean up the mess. This type of water extraction cannot be used for major flooding. Rather it is good for sink or toilet overflow. A burst in a pipe, or minor flood damage. In these cases, the water extraction does exactly what it says, take away the water, though a cleaning is not usually done.

Your carpet needs care. Besides regular vacuuming, it is good to have it professionally cleaned. Steamway Carpet Cleaning has experienced workers available to help get your carpet cleaned. Depending on your need, having a water extraction done for your carpet can help reduce drying time, help your carpet look and smell its best, and help clean up after minor flood.