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Water Extraction After A Flood Is Vital To The Health Of Your Home

a flooded home in need of water extractionYour home is a centerpiece and focal point of your life, which is why you make sure it’s always looking nice and tidy. So when something damaging happens to your house, it’s no surprise that you may be stressed and overwhelmed. Your home is a huge personal investment, so when unexpected flooding happens you want to make sure you take care of right away. Water damage in your home can lead to major repair costs and a ton of stress for you and your family. When flooding occurs it can lead to damage, which is why you will want to hire a professional company to perform a water extraction treatment to the areas affected. With the professional and high-quality services Steamway Carpet Cleaning offers, your home will be in great shape!

Growing Mold Affects Your Health

You may think you can take care of the damage yourself, however, if not done correctly, mold and bacteria can fester in your floors and walls. Leave it to the professionals to take care of the hard part for you! Wet floors and mold can lead to serious health issues for your family if left untreated for too long. When this happens you may have to end up spending more money to replace your carpets and floorboards. Mold can grow in your carpet within the first 48 hours after a flood or spill has taken place. Mold in the home can reduce your quality of life and the air you breathe on a regular basis. Your health is extremely important, especially in a place that you spend a majority of your time in.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Water extraction treatment is a great process that will save your floors and leave you at ease after an unexpected incident such as flooding. With industrial vacuums and pumps, a professional company can successfully correct the issue at hand and save the floors from expensive damage repairs. Our professionals at Steamway Carpet Cleaning have over 15 years of experience and know exactly what to do to make sure you do not continue to have any issues. We always make sure all water is removed from the flooring and that everything is dry and safe. We know the importance of living in a home where you can be comfortable and healthy.

For Water Extraction, Call Steamway Carpet Cleaning!

If you have recently had a flood and need someone to use water extraction to dry your floors, the Steamway Carpet Cleaning team will be more than happy to help you out. We can take the stress off of your back and do the hard work for you. Our trained professionals have the tools necessary to provide you with a happy home! Our advanced technology can and will bring your floor back to its original state and leave you a satisfied customer. If you would like more information on the services we offer our El Paso clients call us today! We are waiting to help you!