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Upholstery Cleaning & What Your Couch Says About You

golden lab happily sitting on an eggshell couchYour couches may say something about you. If you have dogs or cats, they tend to have a lot of secretes including hairballs, winter coats, old stains, and a bacteria you can’t see. They also say you love your dog and enjoy late movie nights with your furry friend on the couch. Whether your couches are leather, wool, acrylic, or polyester, regular upholstery cleaning is an important way to ensure the longevity of your furniture. Steamway Carpet Cleaning in El Paso knows how important it is to maintain your furniture clean.

What is Upholstery?

Your couch is made of a variety of materials and each one is different and has its own characteristics. Upholstery really refers to fabric, padding, webbing, and springs that make up the outer layers and coverings of sofas, chairs, and couches. Upholstery has had a long trajectory through history and through the decades as evolved and become better and more resistant. Yet, with daily use our upholstery is still exposed to a variety of different elements that can lead to health risks and a loss of fabric quality.

Dirty Little Secrets

If you have pets, chances are that your couches have absorbed quite a bit of damage. This might be in the form of pet accidents, spills, or the day-to-day absorption of dirt, bacteria, and even organisms like ticks and fleas.

During the summer months, ticks are much more likely to permeate the backyards or parks where your dogs play and roll around. Certain upholstery is perfect breeding ground for certain types of ticks like dog brown ticks. Fleas can also invade your couch and multiply quickly.

Other effects of upholstery include:

  • Your health: certain fabrics absorb pathogens and dust that can cause health problems, allergies, and other health risks.
  • Air quality: The dust in your couch can make the room feel stuffy and muggy.
  • Odor: Old Stains and accidents will become embedded and permeate unpleasant odors.
  • Aesthetically unpleasant: Stains and dirt on your couch simply looks ugly and can ruin the rest of your living room arrangement.
  • Can be uninviting: In addition to looking unpleasant the odors and stains will make your living room uninviting and deter people from sitting.

What To Do

It is recommended that you have your upholstery cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Professionals know the best treatments and cleaning solutions for a variety of fabrics. Get the dirty out and keep the fabric looking new. Keep your chairs and sofas fresh and ensure their longevity with professional cleaning. After all, you invested in furniture for it to be part of your home for a long time. A little maintenance will go a long way!

Choose Steamway Carpet Cleaning

As cleaning professionals we specialize in the best methods, chemicals, and processes of cleaning different kinds of upholstery. Whether you have polyester fabric or nylon, Steamway Carpet Cleaning will leave it feeling like new.