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Tips for Pet Odor Removal and Cleaning During Tick Season

Cute puppy lying on carpet near wet spotYou might find that during the warmer months, that the smell of the accident your cat had a few months ago on the carpet is suddenly back with a vengeance, or that time that your puppy didn’t make it out the door, suddenly makes itself known again. Removing the surface stuff is one thing, but how do you ensure that you remove that which you cannot see? Steamway Carpet Cleaners specializes in pet odor removal in El Paso area, helping pet owners eliminate the unpleasant remnants of pet messes.

The Ten Second Rule

The most important tip for new stains is contact time. Waiting until the next day after your dog has made a mess in your carpet will only make removing the odor more difficult. If possible, catch it before it settles by dabbing the spot down with a towel or rag. Getting to it immediately will make the removal process a little more successful, although some smells, like pet urine, are quite stubborn and difficult to eradicate completely without proper cleaning.

Find the Source

For older stains, part of the frustrating aspects of removing odors include the fact that you can’t see the precise spot that’s causing the problem. Yet, finding the source is highly important when trying to remove them. Try using an ultraviolet light to see urine stains that are often hard to catch with the naked eye and under regular lighting.

Target Effectively

Trying to remove odors with just any old cleaning product is not going to help remove deeply settled smells. They tend to lock into the fibers of the carpet and regular cleaning products will not do the trick. This is why it is important to use specifically formulated products for odors or to contact professionals before you begin pouring all kinds of chemicals into your carpet.

Inspect Your Pet

The Southwest is prone to big tick infestations and summer borne diseases. These unpleasant arachnids, ticks, love reproducing in the soft and plush surface of your carpet.  This makes carpet cleaning and odor removal an integral part of every pet owners spring cleaning agenda. Having an infestation in your home is no fun. Always carefully search your pet for ticks or fleas. Common spots for ticks to hide include ears, under the legs, and the rear end. If your pet is carrying these critters they can easily drop them in the carpet, where they lay eggs and spread quickly.

Choose The Right Way To Clean

Warm weather means moisture, rain, ticks, and a higher concentration of odors. Opening the windows will not be enough to rid your living room of that settled urine odor. The right approach and product is key to getting the job done. For the best pet odor removal in El Paso contact Steamway Carpet Cleaners and keep your home smelling clean and fresh during the busy summer months.