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Steam Science: The Inspiring Power of Vapor & Steam Cleaning

Every single industry has had to undergo a long history of experimentation, trial and error, and innovation to get where it is today. As time advances so does technology and our approaches to different processes. Today, the industry of steam cleaning has benefited greatly from a number of advancements. Steamway Carpet Cleaners takes pride in […]

Grout Cleaning is Important

Of all the areas of a home to maintain, cleaning the grout can often be overlooked. These thin dark lines on the floor between your tile often get neglected. However, grout cleaning is an important task that should be handled on a regular basis. Getting down on your hands and knees to clean so much […]

Why Grout Cleaning Is Crucial If You Want a Clean Home

You may not notice it, but your home is full of grout! It’s everywhere, if your home has tile flooring, that is. Grout isn’t supposed to look gray, although many homes have darker shades of grout. If this is the case in your home, then it’s time to get professional grout cleaning services from Steamway […]

Grout Cleaning — Even the Little Details Count

Although Spring Break has come and gone, you can still take advantage of “spring cleaning” in El Paso. Even if you clean all your home’s rooms, the kitchen from microwave to fridge, and the fans in each room, even if your home looks clean as can be, you may still be missing a few dirty […]

Grout Cleaning Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore: Call A Professional

If you have got dirty grout in your home do not stress too much because it can be cleaned quite quickly with the right products and tools. Grout cleaning may seem daunting, however, you can hire someone to do it for you, which makes it that much better. Dirty grout can be embarrassing and quite […]

The Grout Cleaning Detox

  Have you ever considered a detox? As people have become increasingly aware of the importance of healthy living, many have begun investing in their health through cleansing, exercising, and reducing their exposure to harmful toxins. Detoxing has become all the rage – and for good reason. There is nothing like a fresh start! While […]

The Benefits of Grout Cleaning — Keep Your Home Safe and Clean

Grout cleaning is an important, although seldom overlooked, process that homeowners should turn into a routine. Grout is the material used on tile floors. Since grout absorbs water and dirt, it can easily become dirty. Even though grout may seem inconsequential, it’s still important to keep it clean in order to rid your home of germs […]

Don’t Gripe About Grout — We’ll Clean it For You

Grout cleaning is a major hassle for homeowners in the El Paso area.  Grout lines between tiles can become stained and discolored. Cleaning this grout is difficult. This is especially true because a vacuum or a mop does not effectively remove dirt in the narrow grout lines between tiles. Stained or dirty grout can make […]

How Beneficial is Grout Cleaning?

Having a well-kept home requires many components.  For this reason, people occasionally overlook or forget about certain details. One clear example being the cleanliness and upkeep of your floors.  Even though you mop the floors with all kinds of cleaners and disinfectants, it may not be really clean.   Many people might overlook grout cleaning, which is […]

Why Landlords Should Invest in Tile Cleaning Between Renters

  If you rent your El Paso home or apartment or if you have a commercial rental property, tile cleaning is something that generally must be done between tenants.  Tiles are a durable flooring material, but the grout between the tiles is very prone to getting stained and dirty.  Tiles themselves can become discolored and […]