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Common Questions About Water Extraction

Water extraction is an incredibly common and necessary service. There are several incidents that might call for water extraction. If a pipe burst in your home, or bad drainage after a storm caused your living room to turn into a moat, you’re more than likely experiencing a lot of trouble and heartache. Often times, after […]

Leave Water Extraction to the Professionals

Let’s face it, accidents, bad weather, or emergencies seem to always happen at the worst time possible. In a perfect world they would never happen. That’s just not the case. Whether your home or business has had the inopportune event of flooding you shouldn’t try to fix the problem yourself. Many home or business owners […]

Water Extraction After A Flood Is Vital To The Health Of Your Home

Your home is a centerpiece and focal point of your life, which is why you make sure it’s always looking nice and tidy. So when something damaging happens to your house, it’s no surprise that you may be stressed and overwhelmed. Your home is a huge personal investment, so when unexpected flooding happens you want […]

How Emergency Water Extraction Prevents Further Damage

 Water extraction is essential to the prevention of secondary water damage after an incident with flooding. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property in El Paso, it is imperative to get professional help with water extraction if there is water in your space. Steamway Carpet Cleaning is ready to offer the assistance […]

How Water Extraction Can Help You Out of a Bad Situation

 Water extraction can help to prevent secondary water damage if you’ve had a flood in your El Paso home. Many people find themselves with water in their home because of a roof leak, a burst pipe, a problem with a washer or other appliance, or a variety of other issues. When a water leak happens […]