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You Might Need Water Extraction Services For Your Burst Pipes

With the winter weather comes a plethora of issues that you might face. From shoveling snow to slipping on ice to pipes freezing, you will want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Frozen pipes are a very common occurrence during the winter, especially in areas where it gets very cold. When this happens, they […]

The Damage Sitting Water Can Cause Your Walls

Flooding is probably one of the most unpredictable “accidents” your home can suffer.  Clogged pipe or full pipe burst can cause indoor flooding. Leaking water heaters can also cause flooding. But the most unpredictable of all causes is the weather. The unpredictability of the situation makes it even scarier because there is no real way […]

How Emergency Water Extraction Prevents Further Damage

 Water extraction is essential to the prevention of secondary water damage after an incident with flooding. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial property in El Paso, it is imperative to get professional help with water extraction if there is water in your space. Steamway Carpet Cleaning is ready to offer the assistance […]