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What Steam Cleaning Has Over Vacuuming 

  Most families make it a thing to clean their homes a couple of times throughout a month. Doing the laundry and washing the dishes isn’t everybody’s idea of fun and much less is the idea of vacuuming all the carpet in your home. Unfortunate to say, using a vacuum to rid our carpets of […]

Four Ways Air Duct Cleaning Will Save You Money

It may not sound like a fun way to spend an evening, but air duct cleaning can make a big difference in your utility bill. As your furnace draws in air, there are a lot of other things that come with it. A single air duct cleaning can remove up to six pounds of dust […]

Pet Owners: How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

One of the best things we can do as people is own and care for pets. Pets are great. They keep you company and cuddle with you. They can help reduce levels of depression and anxiety. But, like humans, pets make mistakes and have accidents, many of them resulting in nasty carpet stains. Carpet can […]

Why You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

If you take pride in keeping a clean, well-organized home, you know how important it is to keep your carpets looking brand new. However, this can sometimes be a challenge when you have kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic in and out of your home. But this doesn’t mean there is no hope for your […]

Steam Cleaning for Life’s Little Messes

  The person who coined the expression “Don’t cry over spilled milk” probably didn’t have toddlers – or carpet! Milk spills are a part of life, of course, and we probably should not cry about them. But they are definitely frustrating, especially when it comes to our carpets. Unfortunately, milk spills are only the beginning. […]

How Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit You During the Winter Months

Carpets are a beautiful feature of your home. Until they become dirty, or stained. In addition, carpets can accumulate dirt and become breeding ground for germs. Having professionals clean your floors cleaned regularly will will help these issues. Steamway Carpet Cleaning offers fast, reliable and detailed carpet cleaning for your home. Though most people think […]

A Guide to the Toughest Carpet Stains

There is probably nothing worse than trying every stain removal trick in the book on something that just won’t seem to come out of your carpet.  We’ve all experienced this scenario at least once in our lives, maybe you’ve spilled some coffee on our shirts, or maybe even worse, dropped a glass of red wine […]