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How to Tackle Spring Cleaning with Ease

Housewife holding cleaning equipment in her hands. The flowers are blooming, the grass is looking greener, and the air outside is feeling crisp. Spring is finally here. For many El Pasoans spring is a time where schedules start to feel busy again. The post-holiday slump is over and you’re still progressively tackling those New Year’s resolutions. Spring is also a time where many residents gear-up for the annual binge-fest of cleaning, also known as ‘spring cleaning.’

Whether you’re hosting a garage sale, cleaning your home from top to bottom, or only plan on focusing on the inside, we’re here to help you tackle spring cleaning with ease.  

Tip #1: Create a checklist.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a handy checklist that breaks down the areas you plan on cleaning, room by room. Try listing the areas you feel will take longer first then less time consuming one’s last. One key area you should target is your floors. If you have carpet, the fibers of the carpet collect dust, bacteria, and germs from outside particles that shoes tend to carry inside. For tile, a professional cleaning can get rid of dingy grime. Cleaning your floors will not only remove these types of toxins but they can also make the entire home look brand new.   

Tip #2: Schedule all appointments.

Once you’ve created your checklist, it’s time to create a schedule. We suggest getting the whole family involved by assigning members to different tasks. For your floor needs, call Steamway Carpet Cleaning to schedule a professional cleaning. We offer services in grout, carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning, as well as the removal of pet odor and stains. Focus on the area you feel has been most neglected.  

Tip #3. Take before and after photos.

Before the cleaning commences, using your camera phone, take photos of every room. The before photos will track your progress and serve as inspiration. You can also refer to these photos each day when you want to pick up where you left off. The after photos will ultimately allow you to see your spring cleaning accomplishments and share with others via social media.

Final tip: Reward yourself.

There’s nothing like a clean home. Once you’ve completed your spring cleaning tasks, be sure to light some candles and sit back with a cool glass of lemonade or tea to comfortably soak in the wonderful aromas of your sparkling clean home; you deserve it.

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