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Steam Science: The Inspiring Power of Vapor & Steam Cleaning

Every single industry has had to undergo a long history of experimentation, trial and error, and innovation to get where it is today. As time advances so does technology and our approaches to different processes. Today, the industry of steam cleaning has benefited greatly from a number of advancements. Steamway Carpet Cleaners takes pride in remaining at the forefront of this changing industry and always using the most advanced science and methods to better serve you.

Steam History

Steam in is basic sense is simply water existing as a gas. It is created at really high temperatures, as water turns to vapor around 100° C (212° F).  This causes the molecules in water to spread out and dance wildly around; however, when these molecules are confined and pressurized then these dancing molecules form a much stronger force.

We might not spend a whole lot of time on a day-to-day basis thinking about steam. Yet, this gas has had it’s fair impact on history.  It can be converted into mechanical work when water is boiled in a boiler via combustible materials such as coals or other fuels. An engine then uses the steam created in the boiler to move pistons back and forth, which powers a machine or turns a wheel.  This technology and the powering of locomotives with steam engines were central to the Industrial Revolution, which completely transformed the United States into a leading industrial nation in the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, much of America’s early economic prosperity, infrastructure, and even war efforts were helped in some way by technologies that involved the use of steam.

Cleaning With Steam

The concept of steam cleaning has been employed for a long time.  In fact, steam has been known to be a powerful cleaning agent since the days of steam locomotives, where many engines, railway cars, and machinery were cleaned using this method.

Once water turns to vapor and heated further its properties changes, and as it reaches higher temperatures it becomes a powerful antimicrobial agent. When steam reaches 248°F bacteria begins to die. This is why steam is not only effective in cleaning grime or dirt, but it decimates bacteria, viruses, and other harmful germs. When the proper cleaning chemicals are added to the pressurized vapor the cleaning force is only enhanced.

Choose Steamway for Your Home

Steam may seem like nothing more than a fine mist, but it’s powers are not to be underestimated. This simple technology has played its significant role in history and today steam cleaning is a reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning agent. Choose Steamway Carpet Cleaning as a way to rid your home of unwanted bacterial guests in an easy way.