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Steam Cleaning — An Overview

steam cleaning machine spewing steam on a purple backgroundSteam cleaning is one of the best ways to get down deep into carpets. You can get carpets cleaner than you imagined they could be. If you have dirty and worn carpets, it’s time for the professionals to clean them. Steamway Carpet Cleaning can often make your carpets look as good as new. By using our specialized equipment, our experienced carpet cleaning professionals can get dirt and smells out of your carpets, even when you have deep stains. With an effective steam cleaning process, your carpets will be cleaner than ever.

How Does Steam Cleaning Work?

Steam cleaning involves using a special machine that produces steam. The machine heats up water past its boiling point. So, in turn, the water vaporizes and turns to steam. The steam produced by the super heating of water is forced out as pressurized steam.  This steam comes out through a nozzle, hose or other type of attachment. The vapor, as it comes out of the hose or nozzle, is able to loosen the dirt. The steam, which is at a very high temperature, is also able to kill mold, dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.  

Benefits of Steam Cleaninga carpet with the words clean on it

Steam cleaning can be better for your carpet than other cleaning methods and it can also allow for a deeper cleaning of the carpet. No suction is needed for the process. The high-intensity heat also means that the moisture created by the cleaning process can dry quickly.  Your carpet will be deep cleaned without a lot of down time and without the need for lots of harsh chemicals to be used in the cleaning process.

The process of cleaning carpets with steam  offers many benefits. If you’re ready to feel your carpet like its never felt before, we can help! To learn more about steam cleaning services in El Paso, contact Steamway Carpet Cleaning today.