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The Satisfying Result of Grout Cleaning

glove wearing hand cleaning tile and groutWith Spring quickly approaching people everywhere are getting a head start on that beloved spring cleaning. While the result can be quite wonderful, the work is dreaded which only makes spring cleaning so bittersweet for most people. One of the most satisfying results can come from grout cleaning. This is because most people don’t realize how dingy their tile floors are. Grout cleaning actually offers great results for both the tile and grout.

What Exactly is Grout?

We all are aware that grout is the filing in between the tiles, however many ask, what exactly is grout? It is actually a porous mixture of sand and water. It is a mixture similar to cement. Because of the porous nature it tends to soak up spills, dirt, food particles, and even leftover mop water from cleaning.

Commercial Grout Cleaning

First impressions are important. When employees walk over the same floors on a daily basis they may grow accustomed to the dull brown floors. However, when new customers or clients walk in they see white floors covered by a dingy film. This can give the impression of careless or sloppy business owners. Dingy floors can drive customers to the competition. In a recent U.S. study conducted by the Harris Poll 65 percent of people surveyed reported that dirty surfaces, which included floors, drove them to find a new place to shop. 66 percent reported that dirty bathrooms which included floors drove them away as well. Providing customers with clean floors is a great way to boost sales. Tile and grout cleaning services can go a long ways.

Residential Grout Cleaning

The results provided by steam cleaning services are quite surprising. Some people don’t even realize that their their floors are a completely different color than they see on a daily basis. This can be especially true when home buyers purchase a pre-owned home with tile floors. Many are surprised to see that their brown grout at one point was actually beige, and their tile is several shades lighter than they thought.

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At Steamway Carpet Cleaning our experts conduct a wide variety of services. From carpets to tile in both residential and commercial locations, we can clean up just about any surface. If you are interested in experiencing the satisfying results of grout cleaning be sure to give us a call. We will set you up with an appointment and provide prompt, thorough service. If you are interested in commercial services be sure to ask about ongoing services!