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Tile Cleaning- Leave It To The Pros

dirty tiles with overlayed text: why hire a professional tile cleaner

The first thing that comes to mind when you walk into a home may not be if it needs a tile cleaning. Unless it’s extremely unsightly we usually leave it to “that can be fixed eventually”. Unfortunately, leaving tile floors as an after though could lead to troubles down the road, and more money than expected. This is why it’s in every homeowners best interests to have a professional tile cleaning at least once a year.

What Goes Into Professional Tile Cleaning

The biggest misconception about sweeping and mopping your floors they’re clean. Mopping and sweeping are short term fixes. This is when professional tile cleaning becomes incredibly handy.  Professional tile cleaning is not only for commercial floors, your home could vastly benefit from a tile cleaning every few years.  Not only will your floors be clean, but by ensuring that dust and grout doesn’t build up over time, you’re also extending the longevity of your tile floors. 

Another advantage of going the professional route when considering cleaning your tiles is that a professional in the industry is more likely to have practical knowledge as to how to clean the grout between your tiles. The average family has enough foot traffic in their house to cause permanent discoloration to their grout in only 12 months. A professional can advise you in options for grout sealant, so you can get the longest life out of your tiles.

Tile And Grout Cleaning: The Perfect Combo

clean ceramic tile floorA combination of a high water pressure and a vacuum are the best combination for tile cleaning. Just using high pressure alone wont clean the tile, if the water is left sitting there the dirt and grime will continue to settle. The best option is to use a wet-vac to vacuum up the water quickly and efficiently. Professional tile cleaning will allow you to get the most thorough cleaning service for your floors and restore its shine and luster.  The main advantage of professional tile cleaning is that you don’t have to purchase any expensive machines, professional tile cleaners are sure to have the equipment needed to make sure your tile floors not only sparkle, but are actually clean.

Steamaway Carpet Cleaners Is The Best Option For You

For the best looking floors trust the professionals. At Steamaway Carpet Cleaners we offer you with the best equipment and the best team in all of El Paso. We are 100% committed in providing you with the best professional tile cleaning services and the best prices in the business. We can guarantee that you won’t regret it.  At Steamaway Carpet Cleaners we guarantee a thorough and effective service, from assessing the floors to actually cleaning and coating your floors for a smooth and shiny finish.  Give your home that finishing touch and sparkle and impress everyone who steps into your home.  Call or visit us today to speak with one of our many trained professionals about how we can help you have the best looking home possible.