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You Might Need Water Extraction Services For Your Burst Pipes

a bedroom with water damage that requires water extraction servicesWith the winter weather comes a plethora of issues that you might face. From shoveling snow to slipping on ice to pipes freezing, you will want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared. Frozen pipes are a very common occurrence during the winter, especially in areas where it gets very cold. When this happens, they have the potential to burst and can cause water damage and mold growth. If you are in El Paso and need water extraction services, Steamway Carpet Cleaning can assist you.

Cleaning Up Yourself Might Not Cut It

If it gets too cold and your pipes freeze, there is a chance that they can burst and cause you a plethora of problems. If they burst, you could be facing a big mess of water to clean up. A lot of people think that cleaning up the water themselves will do the trick, but little do they know that their issues have just begun. Water that has soaked into your floors and walls can turn into a huge issue. For example, unseen water can cause water damage to your home. Aside from that, mold spores can start growing from the moisture. This can create a whole other list of issues and can even make you sick. Growing mold is not something you will want to deal with on top of pipes that have burst!

Call A Plumber then Call A Cleaning Service

When it comes to pipes that are broken, you will want to first call a plumber immediately. They will be able to assess the damage, turn off the water source, and find out the best way to fix the pipes for you. Afterward, you will want to call a professional cleaning service to perform water extraction services. Experts will be able to come look at the water and come up with a game plan on the best way to go about extracting the water from your floors and walls. If there is any furniture or appliances in the way, they will need to be removed so that they don’t get ruined any further.

Avoid Mold Growth

Hiring a professional for water extraction will ensure that the water in your home gets cleaned up as soon as possible. This will be great for you because you will avoid the water settling, which causes mold to grow. The last thing you will want to deal with is growing mold that can cause serious health issues for you and your family. The professionals will have the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time. When you hire our team at Steamway Carpet Cleaning, you will no regret doing so!

Steamway Can Help Today!

If you are in the El Paso area and need water extraction services, Steamway Carpet Cleaning can assist you today. We know the importance of getting water damage taken care of right away before it turns into a much larger problem. If you would like more information on the services we offer, please contact us today!