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Is Carpet Cleaning Worth it When I Have Kids and Pets?

little boy smiling, laying on sleeping husky on gray carpetKeeping a clean home can be a challenge when you have children and pets. With the sweet sound of little feet pitter pattering through your home also come spills, crumbs, mud, and all kinds of things. Dogs and cats, no matter how well groomed and maintained, come with their own set of messes. When you have carpet in your home, it can act as a sort of map of where your kids have been, where the cat left you a hairball, as well as many other unpleasant things that have been tracked…everywhere. You vacuum, you use your steam cleaner, but inevitably, they are a mess again in no time. So, you ask, why would I want to pay for professional carpet cleaning when the carpet will only get dirty again? We found some pretty good reasons.

Do You Know What can Live in Your Carpets?

Carpets are a popular choice for many homeowners. Bedrooms and family rooms tend to be popular rooms for carpet- they are also probably where your family spends most of their time. Consider where you step everyday. Everyone who steps onto that carpet is leaving traces of everywhere they’ve been. So no matter how regularly you vacuum or steam clean, only professional carpet cleaning has the ability to really get the deep clean you want. When you realize that bacteria like E. Coli and norovirus can live deep in the fibers of your carpet, you are going to want the deepest, strongest clean you can get.

Allergens and Dander

With active kids and pets, you can bet that pollen, dust, and other allergens will be a constant presence in your home. It’s the buildup of these within your carpet that can end up aggravating and augmenting your allergy symptoms. Many times, vacuuming can seem to aggravate your allergies. This is because vacuums recycle already dirty air, which can send tiny particles flying everywhere. When you add pets into the equation, you are also looking at a buildup of pet dander and hair.

Avoid Mold and Mustiness

Overall, when you are debating about whether or not to invest in professional carpet cleaning only to see it get dirty, ask yourself how much time your kids spend on the carpet. Spills, crumbs, pet accidents, sticky candy- your carpet has probably been through a lot. As diligent as any mom can be, you may not see that milk spill for a couple of days. If not cleaned and dried properly, you can end up with mold or a general musty smell that can seem impossible to get rid of.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is Right For Everyone

Whether or not you have kids, or pets, or neither, the carpet in your home can hold hidden bacteria, allergens, and other nasty things no matter how often you vacuum. At Steamway Carpet Cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the right equipment to give your carpets the deep clean they need. By investing in a professional clean once or twice a year, your carpet and your home will be a healthier environment for everyone in the family. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!