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How to Deal with Flooded Carpets Effectively and Ensure a Good Water Extraction



There is nothing like walking into your office or home and finding a lovely puddle of water waiting for you. Unfortunate events happen and many times an unfortunate event takes the form of a mini flood in your living room or store. If you have carpet, this particular experience can be even more nightmarish, as drying carpet or rugs can always be a little trickier and come with all sorts of unintended consequences. Here at Steamway Carpet, we offer twenty four hour water extraction services. 


Whether the incident happened because of a water heater, tank leak, or an overflowing sink, the results are just as ghastly. It means that precious padding and/or carping was soaked all the way through. The padding can act as a giant sponge, which means that water seeps all the way through and quickly. The quicker you act, the more chances you have of saving your precious carpet. Here are a few steps to take if you walk into a flooded basement, living room, or commercial space. 


  1. Call Steamway Carpet 24/7 water extraction services. The quicker you get the pros out to remove the harder to extract water, the better the end result will be. 
  2. Remove any furniture that might also be in danger of suffering water damage. If you have couches or chairs that might get some damage from the water, remove them as quickly as possible. 


What an Effective Water Extraction Means


In order to ensure that your carpets are fully dried and ready to go back into place, there are a few things you can do. First, you want to make sure that the floors are fully cleaned and dried. A good dry means you identify any dry pockets of water and areas that might be at risk for mold and mildew. You also want some deodorizing to ensure that the wet and damp carpets are not going to carry a bad odor after you reinstall it. 


How Long Does it Take?

How long it takes to dry depends on various factors. It can take a couple of days depending on how effectively you restore your carpet. Having the right tools and equipment can make a big difference in the final result and how long it takes. Here at Steamway Carpet we have twenty four hour service that ensures your carpet can be rescued from the evil hands of flood waters or a broken water heater.