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How Professional Stain Removal Keeps Your Carpets Smelling Fresh


glass of red wine spilled on a white carpet in need of stain removal

When you have carpet in your home, stain removal and odor removal are essential jobs that need to be done periodically. While carpet is a great flooring surface, it can become dirty and can start to smell putrid over time without professional carpet cleaning. There are things that El Paso homeowners can do on their own to make sure their carpet is in good condition, and there are times when it pays to call in the professionals. Steamway Carpet Cleaning is here if you need a deeper clean that will loosen old stains and remove leftover odors.

Easy At-Home Ways to Keep Carpets Smelling Fresh

To keep carpets smelling fresh and looking clean, you need to take good care of the carpet.  You should vacuum regularly and should wipe up any stains that occur as soon as possible.  If you notice a smell that is coming from your carpet, you can use baking soda and sprinkle it across the carpet. Allow it to sit for a period of time to absorb odors and then vacuum it up. For stain removal, you can use vinegar and soap, or special products sold for carpet cleaning.  You do need to be careful when trying to remove stains, because if you soak the carpet then this could increase the chances of the carpet starting to smell or developing mold.

Get Professional Assistance

Both stain removal and odor removal can be most effective when done by professionals.  You can hire Steamway to come and steam clean your carpet if you are interested in a deep clean that will result in the carpet both looking and smelling like new. Contact us today!