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When and Why Homeowners Should Invest in Air Duct Cleaning

a woman standing in her living room after cleaningAir ducts are a vital part of the heating, cooling, and ventilation system from the home, but many homeowners don’t engage in regular air duct cleaning or maintenance. Why? The answer is simple. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners get their air ducts cleaned on an “as-needed basis”. That’s great but what does “as-needed” mean? The fact of the matter is that most people simply don’t know why or when they should clean their air ducts. Luckily, we are here to clear things up!

Why Air Duct Cleaning is Important

A little dirt can’t hurt, right? Wrong. When it comes to your HVAC system, dirt and dust can wreak all sorts of havoc. First, dirt and dust can restrict the HVAC system from efficiently heating and cooling your home. This not only makes it difficult to achieve a comfortable temperature within the home, it will also cause energy costs to skyrocket. The harder and longer an HVAC system has to work to achieve the desired temperature, the faster it will wear down. That means that your HVAC system will require a replacement much sooner than it would have had the air ducts been clean.  

But it gets worse from there. You may not be concerned about the extra money that is associated with dirty air ducts, but you probably aren’t too excited about the fact that dirty air ducts are a breeding ground for contaminants like bacteria, allergens, mold, fungi, rodent feces, and pests. These nasty particles accumulate over time and are spread around the house by the dirty ducts. Clean air ducts will help homeowners get better use from their HVAC systems with fewer repairs and lower costs, and it will help them breathe better, too!

When Air Duct Cleaning is Necessary

So how often should people get their ducts cleaned? When homeowners notice a build up of mold, signs of excess moisture, or visible dirt and debris, it is probably a good time to schedule a cleaning. A steep increase in your monthly utility bill may be indicative of dirty air ducts, as well. In general, HVAC experts recommend that homeowners get their air ducts inspected before seasons they expect to use a fireplace or fuel-burning stove to avoid carbon monoxide build up. Preventative yearly maintenance is the best way to go to save money and protect your health.

Talk to a Professional

If you have noticed any of the telltale signs of dirty air ducts listed above or if it has been more than a year since you had your air ducts checked, we recommend calling our experts at Steamway Carpet Cleaning today! Our professionals know how to evaluate your HVAC system and take care of the nitty-gritty details so you don’t have to. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!