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The Grout Cleaning Detox


tiled bathroom with drops of waterHave you ever considered a detox? As people have become increasingly aware of the importance of healthy living, many have begun investing in their health through cleansing, exercising, and reducing their exposure to harmful toxins. Detoxing has become all the rage – and for good reason. There is nothing like a fresh start! While you may have considered a post-holiday detox, however, have you ever considered a grout detox? Do you know what a grout cleaning detox is? Let me explain.

Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

There is nothing like shiny, clean tile, and most people make an effort to keep their tile floors as clean as possible. Even if floors are consistently swept and cleaned, however, tile can eventually become marked up, acquire stains, and lose overall luster. Grout also experiences dirt build up over time, and this is often not as easy to sweep or mop. After long term use, dirt and debris become compounded in the grout, making it impossible to clean without professional help.

Unfortunately, though most people understand the value of professional tile cleaning, professional grout cleaning is often forgotten about. When tile is cleaned but grout is ignored, the overall result is usually a bit of an eyesore. The clean tiles contrast the dirty grout, making the tile floors look quite unimpressive. If you want your tiles to be eye-catching in a good way, this is a problem you will want to avoid.  

Beyond looks, grout that has never been professionally cleaned can be harmful for your health. As dirt and other substances compound in the grout, mold and mildew can also form. This often leads to bad air quality and disgusting odors, making the home environment a potential health risk! You can do as many juice detoxes as you want, but if your grout isn’t clean, there is a chance you are compromising overall health.

Detoxing Just Got Easier!

While post-holiday detoxing might not be all that easy or fun, a grout detox may be the easiest thing you have done all week! Instead of trying unsuccessfully to remove debris yourself through endless cleaning, expensive chemical products, and hard physical labor, enlist the help of professionals to guarantee healthy and beautiful floors in your residence or business. Steamway Carpet Cleaning uses the deepest steam cleaning methods to ensure comprehensive cleaning for your tile and grout. Whether you are a business owner trying to impress your clients with overall professionalism or a homeowner trying to make your home an inviting and safe environment for family and friends, do not overlook the importance of grout cleaning! The grout cleaning detox may not be as popular as the juice cleanse, but it should be. Detox your grout today!