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Why You Should Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

8 years old child watching tv laying down on a white carpet at home aloneIf you take pride in keeping a clean, well-organized home, you know how important it is to keep your carpets looking brand new. However, this can sometimes be a challenge when you have kids, pets, or heavy foot traffic in and out of your home. But this doesn’t mean there is no hope for your beautiful home and carpet; you just need to schedule to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Steamway Carpet Cleaning in El Paso can help you with all your stain removal and carpet cleaning needs. Don’t worry about doing it yourself when you can have professional cleaners get the job done for you.

Why Schedule Carpet Cleaning?

Not only does cleaning your carpet keep it looking great for company, it also allows your carpet to breathe and not trap mold, dirt, and debris inside it. The allergens caught in your carpet can lead to serious allergy issues for everyone in the home. Carpet is a great home for dirt and mold but can easily be fixed with a simple carpet cleaning. Getting your carpet cleaned regularly will ensure a happy home where every can breathe easily and sleep well.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

So how often should you get your carpets cleaned? This depends on what type of carpet you have and how long you have had it. Your carpet should have manufacturer’s details and instructions. This may give you an answer to how often you should get it cleaned. Most carpets suggest that you get them cleaned at least once a year. If you carpet does not have a warranty or cannot be found, a good rule of thumb is to get it cleaned once a year. By doing this you will rest easy knowing that your carpet is clean, looks clean, and isn’t trapping dirt and dust that can ultimately make you sick.

There Are Always Exceptions

You may need to get your carpet cleaned more often if you have a lot of people in your home, frequently do activities on your carpet, or have pets that may have dander. If there are many people frequenting your home, more dirt can settle into the carpet and make it filthy. The same goes for pets or activities done on the carpet. If you have any concerns about your carpet and how often it needs cleaned, you can always contact one of our professionals at Steamway Carpet Cleaning. We thrive on customer satisfaction and clean your carpet well enough to where it looks brand new again.

Steamway Is Ready

If you are in the market for some carpet cleaning magic, contact one of our team members today. We deliver amazing results and a fair price and we know you won’t be disappointed with our work. We’ve seen it all and can promise you that your carpet can be brought back to a healthy state in no time. Contact us today for more information!