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DIY Stain Removal Guide

a person performing stain removal on a carpet Stain removal is something every homeowner in El Paso is going to need to do eventually if they have carpet. While carpet is a really popular flooring surface, carpets can become dirty as a result of natural traffic, because of pets and kids, or due to a spill.  Regardless of what the stains are on your carpet, they likely look unsightly and make your carpet look dingy. You do not have to just put up with these stains. There are options to remove stains. Here at Steamway Carpet Cleaning, we can help.

DIY Stain Removal Guide

The best approach to stain removal on carpeting is going to vary depending upon what the specific stains are and how widespread they are.  To deal with general dirt and debris on your carpet, you can try to use vinegar and soap and let the mixture soak into your carpet for several minutes. You can then blot the area dry with a towel. Some people also recommend using club soda to remove carpet stains. There are special products you can buy as well. These products go on carpets and then are scrubbed clean in an effort to remove stains.  Usually, it’s best to let professionals do the cleaning for you.professional carpet cleaning

Choosing Professional Stain Removal

DIY efforts to remove stains are often with marginal success. Furthermore, most DIY efforts only deal with surface stains. These efforts do not deep clean carpet to remove allergens, dust mites, mildew, and mold from deep within the fibers of the carpet. Only professional stain removal can ensure that your carpet is as clean as it possibly can be. Steamway Carpet Cleaning has provided professional quality removal of carpet stains to both the residential and commercial market for a long time and we know how to get the job done. Contact Steamway Carpet Cleaning today to learn more.