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Ditch Your Shoes at the Door

Having cleaning carpets is more than just appearance. Carpet actually provides a ripe environment for dust, allergens, bacteria, and toxins. This is why our experts at Steamway Carpet Cleaning suggest two things: get carpet steaming services done on a regular basis, and ditch your shoes at the door.

I’m Allergic to my Shoes?

Okay, technically, no you’re not allergic to your shoes. But tons of dirt, toxins, and bacteria might be hitching a ride into your house on your shoes that could irritate your allergies and get you sick. A study conducted by the University of Arizona found 421,000 units of bacteria on the exterior of the shoes they tested. These included E. coli and meningitis, bacteria that causes wound and bloodstream infections, and a rare cause of respiratory tract infections. Another study reported that the dangerous herbicide 2,4-D made it’s way into many homes on the bottoms of shoes.

Leaving your shoes at the door could keep your carpets free from these dangerous bacteria and toxins. In the long run, your family could benefit from improved breathing by leaving pollen and other allergens at the door. Ditching your shoes at the entrance could improve not just the appearance, but also the dirt content of your carpet.

Regular Carpet Cleaning

Simply leaving your shoes at the door won’t instantly clear up the dirt in your carpet. For that you need professional carpet cleaning. If you have pets or a large family we recommend getting carpeting cleaning done once or twice a year. Steam cleaning will remove existing toxins, bacteria, dirt, allergens, dust, and mites. Your family will breath better and your carpets will stay clean longer.

Keeping Your Family Healthy

We understand that keeping your family healthy is a priority. It’s hard enough to avoid the common cold without tracking germs into the house. Keeping them quarantined at the door along with regular carpet cleaning is one easy step you can take to keep your family healthy. If you don’t have carpet, getting upholstery and tile steamed can help as well.

If you are interested in any steam cleaning in your home, Steamway Carpet Cleaning can help. We don’t just help with the hidden germs on floors and upholstery. We also are experts at removing stains, odors, and pet accidents from many different surfaces. Please contact us today for more info or to set an appointment.