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Common Questions About Water Extraction

mother and child lying on the carpet of their home after a water extractionWater extraction is an incredibly common and necessary service. There are several incidents that might call for water extraction. If a pipe burst in your home, or bad drainage after a storm caused your living room to turn into a moat, you’re more than likely experiencing a lot of trouble and heartache. Often times, after the hard part of draining the new pond is over, homeowners think that can use a shop vac, place a few fans, and call it a day. This simply isn’t the case. Water extraction should be left to the professionals at Steamway Carpet Cleaning. Otherwise, you could end up with some serious health issues!

How is Water Extraction Conducted?

When it comes to getting the water out your home, our experts use heavy duty equipment to respond quickly. We remove excess water with submersible pumps and industrial sized vacuums. We also inspect the carpet pad to make sure it is not damaged and is completely dry. In addition, we will remove carpeting if need be. Not only that, when we are finished with the bulk of the work we will use moisture detectors and special cameras to get rid of hard to find water. Cleaning and sanitizing will take place as well.

Why Can’t I Conduct Water Extraction Myself?

Often times, homeowners who take matters into their own hands end up with serious damage to their house. First of all, without the heavy duty pumps, vacuums, and water detection tools, a homeowner is most likely not going to find all the water. Secondly, leaving behind any moisture to dry on its own can leave behind dangerous damages. Mold and bacteria grow rampant in moist environments. In fact, mold spores begin to grow within 48 hours of water damage! The water left behind could also ruin the studs, drywall, and insulation in your home.

What if I Have an Emergency in the Middle of the Night?

It is pretty common knowledge that accidents and emergencies never happen at a convenient time. For this reason, Steamway Carpet Cleaning offers 24-hour emergency response services. No matter what time your water emergency takes place, we will respond the right way to start the water extraction process.

Keep Our Number On Hand

Be sure to keep our contact information at Steamway Carpet Cleaning in El Paso on hand. The next time you need water extraction our team will provide prompt, thorough service. We also offer a wide variety of steam cleaning for your floors and upholstery! Please contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.