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Category: steam cleaning

5 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Work Place

If you like to go out of your way for your employees, you’ll do everything you can to make sure they perform in a clean and comfortable environment. If a number of your employees are coming down with sickness and allergies, the cause may be rooted within the carpets of your office space. Employees cannot […]

What Steam Cleaning Has Over Vacuuming 

  Most families make it a thing to clean their homes a couple of times throughout a month. Doing the laundry and washing the dishes isn’t everybody’s idea of fun and much less is the idea of vacuuming all the carpet in your home. Unfortunate to say, using a vacuum to rid our carpets of […]

Why Steam Cleaning is the Best Option for Keeping Floors Clean

So you’ve finally moved into the home of your dreams. Everything’s perfect; four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and even a basement for all your musical instruments! Simply put, you’re over the moon and you’re ready to move in. Once you start bringing in your furniture, however, you realize that there’s trouble in paradise. Since you bought […]

Welcome the New Year with Clean Floors!

The New Year is a great time to start off fresh. New calendars, new attitudes and new ways of looking at the world around us. It’s also a great time to clean your home from the entrance to the guest bedroom. Why wait until Spring Cleaning when you can get it all over with at […]

Steam Science: The Inspiring Power of Vapor & Steam Cleaning

Every single industry has had to undergo a long history of experimentation, trial and error, and innovation to get where it is today. As time advances so does technology and our approaches to different processes. Today, the industry of steam cleaning has benefited greatly from a number of advancements. Steamway Carpet Cleaners takes pride in […]

The Wonderful World of Steam Cleaning

Every homeowner’s dream is to have a clean home. In order to achieve this, you don’t have to go out to purchase the hardest working cleaning chemicals. In fact, these chemicals may do more harm than good when it comes to keeping your home clean. If you’d like to keep your home clean while keeping […]

Carpet Spills: What Stains and What You Can Do About It

It’s bound to happen eventually. You’re walking through the living room when you bump into a table and BAM! Your glass of wine topples over onto the carpet. Or picture this: no matter how many times you ask them not to, your children still eat in the living room and one day their plates get […]

Five Crazy Germs Living in Your Carpet

We want to ask you something: how often do you sit on your carpet? If you’re like most other people, you do a lot on your carpet, like hang out, nap, play with your kids and pets, and so on. Would you still do all of these things if we told you that your carpet […]

Refresh Your Home With Steam Cleaning This Spring

Your home and business are places where many people come and go. As such, your floor gathers lots of debris. This debris can contain allergens, such as pollen or dirt. Debris may also carry bacteria or viruses. Debris can cause people in your home or business to get sick. Many people simply resort to vacuuming […]