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A Guide to the Toughest Carpet Stains

spilled cup of coffee onto a carpet created a carpet stainThere is probably nothing worse than trying every stain removal trick in the book on something that just won’t seem to come out of your carpet.  We’ve all experienced this scenario at least once in our lives, maybe you’ve spilled some coffee on our shirts, or maybe even worse, dropped a glass of red wine on a white carpet.  Stains come in all shapes and sizes and from the most common as well as unexpected places possible.  At Steamway Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in combating the toughest stain with our innovative stain removal processes.

Types of Stains

People with carpets in their homes know that each stain is different in its strength and ability to alter the original appearance of a carpet. Carpets receive the short end of the stick for they not only suffer from spillage, but of dirt accumulated in our shoes and at times even dust and bacteria carried in by pets. Of the many stains that cause headaches. Here are five of the toughest stains to get out:

  • Grass
  • Red wineA spilled glass of red wine on a carpet created a stain
  • Coffee
  • Ink
  • Blood

It is highly recommended to treat a stain as soon as possible and call a professional stain removal company to ensure the best results. The more a stain is grounded into the carpet fibers and lived on by daily use, the harder it becomes to remove it.  

Professional Steam Stain Removal is Your Best Option

It is good to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, especially if you own pets. Carpet fibers can harbor all kinds of bacteria and allergens that can potentially negatively affect your health and your family’s health. With professional stain removal, you can rid your carpet of stains and pet odors, providing better living conditions. Steamway Carpet Cleaning offers you the best in the business. Contact us today!