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5 Reasons to Use Steam Cleaning in the Work Place

Business person with black shoes stands on a clean and crisp carpet surface.

If you like to go out of your way for your employees, you’ll do everything you can to make sure they perform in a clean and comfortable environment. If a number of your employees are coming down with sickness and allergies, the cause may be rooted within the carpets of your office space. Employees cannot work to the best of their ability when there is illness in the air! If you want to help your company’s team improve their overall health, steam cleaning is the way to go. We’ve highlighted how steam cleaning can help you achieve a cleaner office and healthier atmosphere. 


One of the best advantages of steam cleaning is that it is a versatile process. This cleaning method is enabled to use high temperates to disinfect and polish surfaces and remove dirt and grime all at the same time! Steam cleaning was originally used for wood floors, but now this system is used for almost anything including bathrooms, cabinets, granite surfaces, upholstery, rugs, tiled floors, and carpets of all kinds! 


Steam cleaning only makes use of water in order to disinfect a surface, therefore, you won’t have to use any harmful chemical cleaners such as bleach or ammonia. Not only does steam cleaning help you spend less on cleaning agents, but it also reduces the demand for toxic chemicals that harm our environment. 


Just like we mentioned, steam cleaning does not call for any harsh chemicals in order to sanitize your workplace. The overall look of your office space is also improved when you avoid harmful cleaning chemicals. Chemical cleaners are notorious for leaving behind streaks and smudges, making surfaces look splotchy and dirty. Steam cleaning helps maintain a shiny and spotless work area!

Aids Your Health

Our steam cleaners produce steam at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit or higher if need be. With the steam being exposed at such high temperatures, the cleaning method provides a much more effective job as opposed to traditional cleaning tools. Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of bacteria, removes tough mold growth, clears trapped pollutants, eliminates dust mites and removes stains and odors. 

Making an Impression

When you bring clients in or have other business operators meet with you in their office, you want to make them perceive you as professional as possible. If you have business owners walk in to find stains all over your carpet, chances are, they won’t want to continue business with you. This can be easily avoided with the help of a steam cleaner. 

Ready to Make a Difference

Steamway Carpet Cleaning aims to keep every property clean, commercial and residential. With these benefits, you can begin to see a healthy and productive change in your office! Contact us today to get the cleaning started!